Show Notes

Following on from last week’s episode with Jody Vassallo and Farmer – The Cookbook, we are keeping a rural theme… this time focusing on something that’s incredibly important – the health and wellbeing of our farmers.

If ever there was a niche that was sooooo needed in Australia right now, this episode’s guest has definitely found it. When I came across her work recently I was like “OMG, of course! Thank god for this human!”

Meet Hayley Dawson – a naturopath who works with people living in remote and rural areas, people who don’t have access to naturopathic care, and get this… she even has a program that’s just for farmers!

Talk about a lightbulb moment.

So many of our farmers are facing crisis at the moment, which can seriously impact both their physical and mental health. And Hayley saw an opportunity to help.

Tune in as we chat about:

  • The specific health issues that face farmers and their families (that sometimes city practitioners just don’t get).
  • Her thoughts on pesticides/crop sprays, sheep dips and farm chemicals… and how to protect yourself.
  • Why small, achievable changes to farming practices are a crucial part of her treatment plans.
  • Tank water – is it really full of parasites? And what can we do about it?
  • How to eat healthy when you’re living in a remote area.
  • The irony of farmers having to buy overseas veggies from their own supermarkets.
  • Dealing with the inevitable stress that comes with running a farm in these tough times.
  • Depression, anxiety and feelings of isolation.
  • How to get “blokey Aussie blokes” to see a naturopath (and embrace it!).
  • How Hayley reaches and supports people who are even in remote areas.

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