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Juliet Lever & Paul Eliseo are the co-founders of Evolve & Relaunch Education. These two extraordinary souls share their personal journeys of challenge, self-discovery and transformation, which ultimately lead them to finding one another. In part one of this two part interview we discover how they each removed themselves from the corporate matrix and we learn their strategies on how to traverse the landscape of life. We also get to appreciate the power of our own thinking and the rewards gained when investing time and energy into self-development.

With over 20 years of combined experience in the personal development industry, Paul and Juliet have trained a community of students worldwide in NLP and Hypnotherapy. As a couple they are deeply passionate about bringing transformational skills and empowering knowledge to coaches and individuals to deepen their healing, confidence, skills and personal transformations.

The journey to self-love and self-discovery for Paul came from getting to a point of having enough pain and challenge which he believes is often the catalyst for the wake-up call and moments of clarity to do the work to transform. Juliet’s came from an awakening in her mid to late twenties when she realised she was not living her best life according to her values.

This remarkable pair have a beautiful love story. They believe there is a balancing act when you know this work the space between unconditional love and seeing the person at their potential and where they are playing the victim. And their love knows no boundaries. Deepening your love for self, will deepen your love for another. It is total acceptance and letting it be and experience without the layers. A relationship is all about growth. As Eckhardt Tolle says; ‘Relationships are not designed to make us happy they are designed to make us whole.’ Your partner is a mirror. It is important to have jokes, play and dance. A relationship is a constant process of relating and committing to each other regularly.

According to Juliet and Paul, the best thing you can do, if you value yourself, is knowing when you do, everyone else will see it too. The question is where are you investing your time and energy? As you will hear in this two-part interview, Investing in yourself is one of the greatest gifts of all.

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I had to make some changes in my life and turn it all around
I needed to change and that took me on a growth journey, a self-discovery journey
Books opened my eyes, and each little breadcrumb brought me back to myself
It changed the game for me
Who am I? What do I really believe?
I could no longer fit into the matrix of the corporate bubble
The moment that we met I finally felt like I had met my person
I believe life is like a playground and challenges us at the level we are at
Set new levels of challenge to help you grow
Having curiosity and asking how can this help me and help me move forward
It is hard to see things in the cloud of emotion
There is no accidents only a lack of awareness of why you are creating it
We are all doing the best we can
Everything in life is a matter of perspective
The problem is becoming overly attached or detached from emotion
PAIN – pay attention integrate now
Why wouldn’t I equip myself with even more resources?
There is no right or wrong good or bad
There is a good day for the shark and a bad day for the fish
The judgements we are taught growing up become our own judgements
Is it useful or un-useful for the future you want to create?
Nature just is. Life eats life.
You need destruction to have creation.


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