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‘I then devoted myself to wanting to help others, and wanting to help others was one of my biggest drivers. And so I took a job in a refugee camp straight out of Uni. And when I was involved at Uni I was doing lots of social justice and that’s where I really felt I was starting to understand myself. I had a lot of strength from that and it was really, really beautiful to meet so many people who had gone through so much yet they were showing up every day, they had so much strength, and they were still finding something to give to others. And that I think really taught me to be really thankful.’ ~ Karis Ramsay

After completing a degree in nutrition, sport and exercise, Karis Ramsay’s first job took her to refugee camps where she dedicated herself to improving the health and wellbeing of displaced populations. Throughout her career, she has worked with some of the world’s most vulnerable communities in challenging environments.

Karis’s career has spanned from international work with orphans, trafficked children, and refugees to large government health projects in Australia to disability to suicide intervention locally and many more things in between when it comes to working to improve life and opportunity for every human, her work has been very diverse.

Working with such vulnerable, strong, and brilliant people ignited a passion that led her to further academic pursuits, including earning a Master of Public Health from the University of Sydney Medical School and beginning a PhD in gender and health. However, once she published her first research article, which was only distributed to other academics, she was driven by a desire to reach wider audiences, and found her calling in filmmaking.

Transitioning from academia (she is still the lecturer for Culture and Society in Public Health at Victoria University and on the standby roster for the United Nations) she ventured into filmmaking driven by a desire to amplify important stories to broader audiences. With a background in writing and producing factual content, her documentary ‘100 Million Displaced’ recently gained recognition at the Justice Film Festival in New York and was featured prominently, including at the United Nations Office of Migration.

As well as many other achievements highlighting her commitment to challenging societal norms and giving voice to marginalised communities through compelling storytelling. Through her films, she aims not only to shed light on pressing global issues and dispel misconceptions but also to foster empathy and provoke meaningful dialogue.

Each narrative she crafts is an opportunity to inspire introspection and catalyse positive change, drawing from her own experiences and the human beings whose spirits she cherishes.

Her definition of Self Love is:
‘Allowing myself to be who I am.’

Her favourite quote is:
‘If you judged a fish in its ability to climb a tree it would spend its whole life thinking it was dumb.’

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100 Million Displaced Documentary:

I had no clue where I fit into the world.
I found myself gaining strength through others.
Helping others gave me a sense of accomplishment.
I found helping others gave me a real sense of accomplishment.
When we don’t know how to fix ourselves, we help others.
I got to the point where I knew I really needed to work on myself.
I was so scared to try anything or give anything a go.
I had not achieved much when it came to knowing myself.
I am multi-faceted and that’s how I love to work.
I love very deeply.
We have 180-200,000 people arrive to live in Australia each year.
I love human acts of kindness.
In my culture we do not send children to school or external places until their sense of identity is so strong.
I moved from documentary film making to the realness of humanity.
People do not know how to identify they’re even in a DV relationship.
I wrote a story based on truth based on a situation in a made-up world.
I am humbled by the Sunshine Coast community.
Donations through the Australian Cultural Fund.
I allow myself to be who I am.
You matter, you really matter.
Let’s look at what you can do and love that.
Celebrate who you are and what you can do.
What an honour to be part of goodness!


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