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We hear it all the time – love yourself, look after yourself, be good to yourself, be positive – and we all know we should – but the truth is we find it much easier to dislike ourselves, beat ourselves up, knock ourselves and be negative! Why is that? Seriously what is this strange, degrading fallacy all about? It’s time to stop, take stock and love who we are and acknowledge no matter what we are all doing the best we can.

Whilst it is easy to find fault or feel like everything is too hard or that it is different for you, I truly believe there is actually only two choices that every one of us has. Love yourself or loathe yourself. There doesn’t seem to be much in between.

If you are not totally happy with where you are at right now then that’s ok, you have a choice to change that but guess what? If you really do want to change, you have to know you must act on it and do something about it. No point complaining about anything anymore, just get onto it and do what needs to be done. We all love to see how people transform their lives, we love before and after photos and we often dream it could be us. Well the time is now… It’s time to say I love myself and it’s my turn to make a difference!

From now on every step you take, every breath you take, every moment of every day is an opportunity to be grateful and to say I am worth it, I am beautiful, and I love myself to bits. It comes down to creating rituals that can anchor it in and make it a reality.

When you put good real healthy food in your mouth you are saying I love my body and I am worth it.

Every time you put gorgeous, natural, chemical-free products onto your skin you are saying how much you value your health.

A diffuser is the ultimate self-care ritual. Energy & Vitality is perfect to get you up and into your day, Instant Calm will help you retire at night and enhance a better sleep. Celebrate & Uplift would be perfect for those momentous occasions. Balance & Harmony when feeling out of kilt or emotional and Peace & Meditation for quieting the busy mind.

They are all valid feelings and they all matter. When you take the time to put on a diffuser you are saying I care for you – let’s anchor this positive feeling.

A Lavender and Peppermint footbath is such a treat at the end of a big day. A beautiful rejuvenating face mask says I am here for you and I want to make you shine brighter.

When you work out you are honoring your physicality and saying let’s get some feel-good endorphins into my amazing body. Walking barefoot is a fantastic way to feel more grounded and connected to nature. When you de-clutter your cupboards, drawers, wallet, handbag or office you are saying I respect you and our lives and minds feel more organized and open to new possibilities.

Saying grace, saying thankyou and writing in your gratitude journal are all ways to connect to something bigger and grander. And smiling is one of the most perfect ways to communicate to the world that you care, that you are giving it your best. Every single one of these rituals might seem small, maybe even insignificant on a big scale, but every one of them says I love me and I matter.

So no more excuses, no more if only, no more I don’t have enough time or money or living in the past. As of here, right now is a new beginning, a new chance and a new moment to say I care.

If you are still struggling on how to change your mindset, then how would you want your teenage son or daughter to love themselves? How would you want to hear your best friend talk about herself? Or your mum or dad? What would you like to hear them say about themselves? More importantly, how would you remind them of their goodness, strength and their beauty if they were running themselves down or not making an effort to care for themselves?

Well it’s time to turn that amazing advice on yourself and create your own special self-care rituals. And remember you are part of the ripple effect. Every positive thing you say and do has an effect on all of those around you. No more I am not good enough. This is the time to start a new trend, it’s time to say ‘Life is good, I am worth it and I love me to bits!’

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