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STNH 28: Lara Briden – The hormone rollercoaster of perimenopause

Episode 28
11, May, 2021
}64 Minutes

Show Notes

You may remember Lara Briden from Episode 21 of this podcast, when we had a very enlightening chat about PCOS and endometriosis. She is a naturopathic doctor, an educator, an author, and a women’s health activist. She literally wrote the book on how to have a healthy, stress free, pain free cycle – it’s called the Period Repair Manual and it’s loved by both practitioner and laypeople alike.

And now she’s back with a new book called the Hormone Repair Manual – Every Woman’s Guide to Healthy Hormones After 40, which is all about perimenopause and menopause. Which I have to say, that as a woman who is about to have her 45th birthday, I find this more than a little timely. So just like last time, we are going to talk about what’s normal, what isn’t normal, how to address unwanted symptoms naturally, and how we can navigate this tricky time with grace and ease.

If you’re a woman over 35 years old, this episode is a MUST.

In this podcast we will cover:

  • What a healthy perimenopause (and menopause) is supposed to look like.
  • Why we may be entering into perimenopause MUCH earlier than we think (and what signs to look out for).
  • Why more and more women are suffering from symptoms during perimenopause.
  • Why our periods might get worse before disappearing altogether (and what to do about it).
  • Why going from the contraceptive pill and the hormonal IUD straight into menopause could cause issues.
  • Which foods and drinks could be making your symptoms worse.
  • Natural remedies for perimenopausal symptoms (including Lara’s favourite herbs and a mind-blowing lightbulb moment about iodine!).


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