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STNH 27: Sharon Collon – Nourishing the mothers of kids with special needs

Episode 27
19, Apr, 2021
}52 Minutes

Show Notes

You may remember Sharon Collon from Episode 7 of Straight Talking Natural Health, where we talked about ADD/ADHD, and her business, The Functional Family.

Several members of her household have ADHD, which in the past led to her becoming burnt out as she learned to navigate everyone’s needs, constantly putting herself last. She developed an autoimmune disease and had to embark on a long road back to recovery, learning a lot along the way about self care.

Sadly, this isn’t an unusual scenario for mums of kids who have additional needs.

Anecdotally in both our businesses, Sharon and I have both noticed a HUGE link between having neurodiverse kids, and the mums developing chronic illness, especially autoimmune diseases and health conditions associated with long-term stress.

So I’ve got her on the show to pick her brain about nourishing the mother, and how to create a structure and lifestyle where EVERYONE is healthy and happy.

Listen as we chat about:

  • The warning signs of burnout in mums.
  • The horrible affliction known as “mum guilt” (and why it’s completely pointless!).
  • How to accept help when it’s offered.
  • How to improve communication between family members, reducing stress and strain on everyone.
  • Ninja tips for a more harmonious household.
  • How to bring back the magic and wonder to your relationship with your child.

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