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STNH 26: Jess Jones – The Burnout Club

Episode 26
22, Mar, 2021
}47 Minutes

Show Notes

Meet Jess Jones – she runs a club that in her own words, you never wanted to be in. But sadly it’s a club to which many of us could subscribe, or have been a good candidate for in the past. It’s a club that I think is on the way to have many more members too, if we don’t start taking steps to avoid it.

You see, it’s called the Burnout Club, and it’s a place for women to learn a new way to live, work and most importantly, practice self care. And by self-care, I do NOT mean a pedicure or massage (although they’re great). Think of it as a complete mindset shift and habit change for many women.

Basically this is rehab for Type A’s. And it’s SOOOOO needed.

In this interview, we chat about:

  • Jess’ own burnout story, and how being super-driven placed a massive strain on her career, health and relationships.
  • Why burnout is often driven by unresolved emotional stuff… and what to look out for.
  • The shame associated with burning out, and Jess’ learnings from that.
  • How Jess prioritised self-care, and what that looked like for her (spoiler alert – it’s not a pedicure!).
  • The dangers of using alcohol to relax when you’re burned out.
  • What we need to change in order to come back from burnout (or prevent it happening!).


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