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STNH 14: Carly Woods – Buteyko breathing for rest, digest and repair

Episode 14
03, Oct, 2019
}51 Minutes

Show Notes

Meet Carly Woods – a qualified naturopath and Buteyko Breathwork Practitioner.

Yep, this episode is all about breathing – are you doing it right, how can you do it better, and the amazing health benefits that can happen when you harness the breath.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What is Buteyko breathing, how do you do it, and why should you learn it?
  • Why most of us aren’t breathing correctly
  • How breathing correctly can positively affect your own life and health
  • How you can switch from sympathetic dominance (fight and flight) to parasympathetic dominance (rest, digest and repair)
  • Why we actually want MORE carbon dioxide in our system (say whaaaat?)
  • Who this type of breathing is good for
  • How it can help conditions like snoring, asthma, hayfever/allergies, anxiety, panic attacks
  • Why this breathing can improve sports performance

Want to know more about Carly? 

Visit her website here.

Check out her upcoming workshops in Melbourne and Byron Bay here.

And here is the link to her quick quiz “Are you a dirty mouth breather?” (Best quiz name everrrrrr, don’t you think?).

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