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SHY 66: Moira Bradfield – How to have a healthy vagina

Episode 66
02, May, 2018
}48 Minutes

Show Notes

All too often, we’re soooo busy dealing with things like poor energy levels, crappy immune systems, dodgy thyroids and worn out adrenals, that we neglect a very important part of our health… and that’s our sexual health, and the wellness of our lady parts “down there.”

But this week we’re going to change all that.

Welcome to the first in a 3 part holistic sexual health series. Yep, for the next 3 episodes, we will be tackling the taboo topics that you’ve been dying to know about, but were too embarrassed to ask. So just a heads up: We’ll be talking about some rather adult themes, so maybe don’t play these episodes out loud with little kids in the car ?

Meet Moira Bradfield. She’s a naturopath specialising in vaginas. Yep, for real. She actually working towards her PhD on the topic of the vaginal microbiome (that’s the balance of good and bad bacteria). Yep – one day soon she’ll actually be a “doctor of the vag.”

Moira is the perfect person to cover this topic with, as she has no problem speaking frankly and openly – yep, we don’t hold back – and I make sure I ask ALL the embarrassing questions to that you don’t have to!

We’re not talking about this topic enough – which means that women are suffering needlessly from ailments that are often easily dealt with. Some of us don’t even know what’s normal and not normal down there, let alone how to fix it!

“I think there has been an explosion of liberation, but en masse there’s still a taboo… and the media can affect that and perpetuate that as well.”

So it’s time to BE the change that we’d like to see in women’s health!

In this episode, you’ll learn about:
• Discharges – what’s normal and what’s not
• Thrush – what to do if the regular pharmacy (or natural) treatments don’t fix it
• Natural and “home” remedies for thrush – what works and what doesn’t (and how to use them safely)
• How to tell if you have a bacterial infection
• How it’s meant to smell “down there” and what an odd smell might indicate (I told you – we’re leaving no stone unturned!)
• What to ask for at the GP in order to get properly diagnosed
• Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
• How to protect your vaginal health if you’ve taken antibiotics
• How to keep your lady parts clean without disrupting the delicate balance of pH and bacteria
• Douches – yes or no?
• Best and worst lubricants to use (you might be surprised about how complex this one is!)
• And… is activewear bad for your vag?
• If you want to connect with Moira, here’s where to find her:

Moira’s Website:

The Intimate Ecology Facebook Page is here.

If you’re a practitioner, then join the Intimate Ecology Group here.

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