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SHY 56: I’m Baaaaaaaack!

Episode 56
13, Dec, 2017
}22 Minutes

Show Notes

Well, helloooooo!

It’s been a while since we’ve chatted, huh? First of all, I must apologise for the extended hiatus. I was only planning to take 2-3 months off from podcasting, just for the winter, and it turned into 6 months.

In that time I created and launched a brand new 12 week program called the Adrenal Fatigue Breakthrough – that was pretty awesome. I’ve also been super busy in the clinic, mostly with Skype consultations.

But something else happened in the last 6 months that took up a fair bit of my time and energy! Listen to this episode and I’ll fill you in on:

• My new role organising medical and nutrition volunteer trips to Fiji.
• The communities that we worked in on both Fiji’s main island and on a couple of remote islands.
• The challenges in preventing heart disease and diabetes in Fiji.
• And what you can do to help right now!

As promised, here are the links mentioned in the episode:

Our crowdfunding page is here, or head to

Click here to read Jess’ blog post about her time in Fiji.

You can read more about Involvement Volunteers International here.

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