Show Notes

Today’s guest has worn several awesome hats in her life. You may know her from her days as an entertainment reporter and VJ for MTV. Or you may recognise her voice from her time on 2Day FM as a breakfast show presenter.

But there’s more to this woman than meets the eye. Her most recent achievement, a book with the title The Social Rebellion, takes you through her struggle with alcohol and the way she changed her relationship with drinking. No mean feat when you think about the industry she worked in!

Listen as we delve into:

  • Her time on MTV and the lifestyle that followed
  • The pressures of drinking to fit in
  • Why associating drinking with relaxation is dangerous
  • How losing a close friend became the catalyst for changing her life
  • Navigating the tricky process of giving up
  • Why being asked if she was pregnant was a lightbulb moment for self care
  • How to deal with people who say you’re no fun anymore (and other negative comments!)

“It is complete insanity for someone else to have an issue with something that you’re dong to benefit your life, physiology and mental health.”

Whether you party hard, or whether you just need some help to free yourself from that wine-on-the-couch-every-night habit… or maybe your vice is something else entirely (like sugar), there is so much wisdom in this interview for YOU.

“Rebellion is doing the thing that no one else is doing. So when everyone at the pub is drinking, guess who the rebel is – the person sitting in the corner with a soda water… and their pants on.”

Maz’s new book, The Social Rebellion is out now through all good bookstores.

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