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Sometimes I still pinch myself that I get to chat with the people that I really look up to in the industry, and better still, that I get to call it work. This interview has to be one of my all time favourites, so I hope you enjoy it too.

Meet Dr Terry Wahls. In 2000 she was diagnosed with MS, after a period in her life when she was super busy. By 2007 her condition had deteriorated to the point where she was unable to sit up on her own, she needed a wheelchair to move around, and she was suffering from intense brain fog. The prognosis was bleak and even the best that conventional medicine had to offer did not give her the relief she needed.

So she started researching, looking for answers outside the box. Even though she was a trained medical practitioner, she was desperate and willing to try just about anything.

After embarking upon a paleo diet that was specifically modified to maximise the nutrients needed to fight autoimmune disease, a miracle happened. Her illness started to reverse.

Dr Wahls was told that any functions lost were gone forever – she proved them wrong!

Slowly, she regained the use of her legs, she threw away the wheelchair, her energy levels improved, and she could even ride her bike for 20 miles at a time!

And so The Wahls Protocol was born – a highly respected and best-selling guide to healing your body from autoimmune disease.

“Stress is vital for life… but so is relaxation.”

We talk about the role that cortisol (a stress hormone) plays in the development of autoimmune and degenerative diseases.

We talk about the other causes of immune dysregulation, and the various warning signs to watch out for along the way. We also reveal the signs and symptoms of inflammation, and how to bring the inflammatory fire in your body back down.

“I love the paleo diet… but it wasn’t sufficient to heal me.”

We also have a looooong chat about the food. Is gluten ok for some people to eat? Should we ALL be avoiding it? What about paleo and ketogenic diets – are they the answer for everyone? Listen in to find out the answers.

“Once gluten has become a problem, there’s no undoing that.”


What about genetics? We talk about the new types of gene testing available and their role in determining what we should and shouldn’t eat.

We also talk about whether you need to eat meat in order to heal, or whether it’s possible to recover using a vegetarian or vegan diet. Given that Dr Wahls was a vegetarian for 20 years prior to going paleo, and has done a LOT of research in this area, she has some honest and very thought provoking answers here!

We also chat about why food needs to be your leading source of medicine, rather than supplements.

“It’s way simpler and safer to get my nutrition from food, than it is to get my nutrition from supplements.”

Want to see more of Dr Wahls?

Her epic TEDx Talk is here:

Her website is here:

Are you in Sydney or Melbourne? Dr Wahls is speaking in April and May. You can grab tickets to her live events here:

Not in Sydney or Melbourne? There are online access passes available at the above link too.

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