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SE 15: Teenage Relationships

Episode 15
11, Jul, 2019
}29 Minutes

Show Notes

Wow, there are some awesome relationships that start when we are at school and there are also some of the most heartbreaking times as we explore our first loves and first encounters of adulthood.

Today our podcasters explore if teenage relationships are a good thing or if they are a road to self-destruction?

Do you keep your friends? What do you sacrifice to have the kind of relationship you dream of? What are your boundaries, standards or dreams about relationships?

This week is interesting as our Toby who is 15 shares his views, Erica 19 and Nicola 21 all share their ideas and thoughts on this topic.

Our girls Erica and Nicola have stepped aside to welcome two new podcasters to the team which we will introduce to you next week! It’s a very exciting time for everyone so make sure you tune in as we step into the next series of the Next Generation in Wellness!!

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