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SE 14: The Power of Self-Love

Episode 14
04, Jul, 2019
}25 Minutes

Show Notes

Why is Self-love and self care so vital for our growth?

Have we grown up in a societal culture that doesn’t teach us to treat ourselves with care? Have we grown up without the skills to handle our own emotions and to care and nurture ourselves instead of looking to others to do it for us?

Our Podcast hosts tackle THE BIG question of self-love and what it really means. It’s not just about being kind to yourself or other people being kind to you, it’s about the deep sense of ‘relationship’ you have with yourself so that no matter what happens in the world outside, the world inside remains stable, loved, connected and unaffected.

Enjoy this thought provoking podcast and let us know YOUR thoughts about self love at www.facebook.com/speakupandengage.

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