Show Notes

Jost Sauer is an acupuncturist, lecturer, author and a popular presenter for corporate and community audiences. He’s also an ex-addict, dealer and deserter who kickstarted a recovery revolution by creating a ground-breaking new rehab program. Jost pioneered lifestyle medicine for addiction, adapted this for clients without addiction issues and the Chi Cycle lifestyle, a health-boosting, fat-burning feel-good day plan, was born.

Jost’s background includes competitive skiing, triathlon and iron man training, plus over 30 years of daily training in weights, endurance, Qi-gong and meditation. His internationally published entertaining lifestyle books include Higher and Higher, Drug Repair That Works and The Perfect Day Plan (Allen and Unwin); Chi Health Cycle (Welbeck, UK) and Wie neugeboren mit moderner TCM (Riva, Germany). Jost has treated thousands of people from celebrities to CEOs to professional athletes, he offers Chi Cycle training and runs international health retreats. Jost is passionate about making Chinese medicine accessible and about showing everyone how to make every day medicinal and magical with chi.

This episode was a lively and light discussion with the hilarious yet profound Jost all about how to live in optimum wellbeing through the Chi Health Cycle. How to live in accordance with nature and align ourselves to the natural rhythms of the cosmos.

For anyone who has met or seen Jost before would know how fit and ripped he is! We loved learning how to build up strength and muscle through his Chi cycle, not having to lift heavy weights everyday! It was an eye opening conversation into how to implement practices into your lifestyle in a gradual and sustainable way.