Show Notes

Asher Packman is an incredible meditation teacher, kundalini yoga teacher, president of Meditation Australia and depth-orientated mentor. He is also the founder of mythopoetic community group, The Fifth Direction. Bridging meditation, breath work, poetry, storytelling of ancient stories, celebrating the return to soul.

Previously Asher was in a high striving corporate career, but then in 2010 was diagnosed with a progressive rare blood cancer, which saw him shifting gears to focus on his health and well-being.

This episode we discussed Asher’s journey into this work and how it started off as a slight tap on the shoulder, but then progressed into a train slamming into him to ‘wake him up’ and bring him into the work that he is doing now.

We also went into how grounding is the priority for humanity and how the constant striving for ascension is actually counter productive to our growth. We also dove into how parts of our lives are classified as ‘mini deaths’. Deaths of parts of ourselves, that then shift into re-birth, deaths of relationships that haven’t served either one of us. How these mini deaths are actually quite beautiful, because they shift us into what we’re here to do.

This was a highly expansive conversation with Asher and we recommend this one especially for the men in our lives, brothers, husbands, friends and fathers. We know you’ll absolutely love this episode and find Asher’s words and meaning incredibly deep and beautiful.