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RBR 27 – Cindy Fenn – My Unintentional Undisturbed Birth

06, Oct, 2016
}34 Minutes

Show Notes

The Unexpected Birth Journeys series of Rockstar Birth Radio is about births that did not go exactly as expected. However, more importantly it is of mothers who have moved through their experience with grace and wisdom and an empowering message to share with you.

In this episode, Cindy Fenn shares her unintentional undisturbed homebirth. Cindy has a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education, and is in what she feels is her most important teaching role, bringing up her two little boys with her partner, in Melbourne. Her business Big Hearted Birth teaches women and their birth partners Hypnobirthing Australia Childbirth Education courses in Melbourne, Australia. In these courses she teaches couples knowledge about the childbirth process, as well as tools for labour such as, breathing, massage, visualisation, relaxation, affirmation and self- hypnosis.

She believes that birth that is woman-centred, drawing on instinctual physiology and where a woman feels the experience was a positive one, possibly even a “life highlight” gives them a platform to move more confidently forward in the kaleidoscope of life experience, after birth.

Cindy is passionate about voice in birth, and nurturing positive self-identity, social competence, wellbeing and a love of learning of children in the very early years of childhood.

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