Show Notes

In today’s episode we explore the three most commonly prescribed supplements and why they may not be the answer to your nutritional deficiencies or health and wellness goals. You will learn about “Australia’s #1 pregnancy supplement” and why the active ingredient can be hugely problematic for up to 50% of women. We discuss the significance of methylfolate, and why pre-conception blood and genetic testing are important steps in determining the best pre-natal and pregnancy supplementation for you. We explore vitamin D, reference ranges, supplement quality, dosages, the problems with the excessive use of “Slip, Slop, Slap” in Australia and why you either need to be consuming dietary sources of vitamin K2, or choosing a vitamin D plus K2 product. We then dive into iron and get to the root cause of the problem, addressing poorly absorbed forms of iron and “the constipation myth”. We teach you how to improve your nutrient absorption via gut health and explore why re-testing is essential to ensure your protocol is achieving the desired outcomes. It’s a very juicy topic today team so let’s dive in to this week’s episode of The Real Food Reel.

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