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PAP 67: Primalista Discovery Call with H

Episode 67
04, Oct, 2019
}85 Minutes

Show Notes

New format for the Primal Alternative Podcast today!  This episode is an audio recording of the live Discovery Call that I hosted a week or so ago.

If you are contemplating becoming a Primalista thats is a Primal Alternative producer, or dreaming of having your own business in the wellness industry this episode is worth a listen.

I will share with you my story and how I built Primal Alternative, you will get to tap into your own WHY and identify the blocks that are holding you back from taking action on your dream business.

I explain how the Primal Alternative Licence works and answer the frequency asked questions including those from the attendees. You can watch the Discovery Call here.

The next step to becoming a Primal Alternative Producer is to apply for a Licence here:

To find out more about Primal Alternative, our range and to visit our online shop head to

Thanks for listening and I hope to see you at the Primalista Panel Event on Thursday October 17th – see our Events Page for more details.

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