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PAP 51: Plant Based Eating, Veganism & Vegetariansim with Elly McLean

Episode 51
22, Feb, 2019
}70 Minutes

Show Notes

Vegans and Vegos – the total opposite of Paleo/Primal right?

Keto, LCHF – can’t do that when you are vegan?  Right?

Elly from the Natural Nutritionist and I discuss these topics in today’s show.  It’s a good one!

I ask Elly:

  • how can a vegan make up for a lack of nutritious foods like bone broth, meat fish, fermented dairy and broth?
  • is it possible to do LCHF Vegan/vego and do it well?
  • what are the key considerations to make when it comes to doing vegan/vego well?

We also discuss: bloating, constipation, cravings, LCHF versus Keto, how low carb is low carb, LCHF and menstruation, parasites, gut health & build your plate guidelines plus much more like the short life span of a KFC chicken.

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