Show Notes

Want to be healthy yourself and feed the family well but can’t be f*cked?

Shan Cooper from My Food Religion is the girl for you! She even has an ebook called Can’t Be F*cked (CBF)

Let’s face it – eating clean is bloody hard work, so much prep and we can often get overwhelmed with super foods, clever marketing and simply running out of motivation – quickly!

In this upbeat episode (with a few f bombs – so please use ear buds if you have little ears around you) you’ll get a tonne of new tips to add more nutrition to exisiting meals – even how to improve a Mac and cheese or rice dish – without getting it thrown back at you at dinner time.

We will also cover Shan’s approach to health and wellness – it’s not a religion or dogmatic in anyway – phew and how her journey started ten years ago as she was ‘sick of feeling shitty’ by being jacked up on processed carbs all day.

And with Christmas just around the corner Shan has some super helpful tips to help from completely derailing – you truly can have your rum ball and eat it my friend!

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