Show Notes

Mark & his wife Nicole starting experimenting with their diets making fermented goodies at home for their four boys, 2 of which are on the autism spectrum in an attempt to help with the gut-brain link. A supportive friend encouraged them to take the big leap into a commercial enterprise – their ferments were that good!

5 years later they are stocked in five countries across the world and have over 2,000 stockists. How did Mark do this? How did he take the big leap, how does he juggle entrepreneurship with his family and how the heck does he get the kids to have fermented food?

Mark also shares his story of how he got into business with Pete Evans to produce the HEAL range.

Mark’s story is inspirational and makes you feel like you could do it too – especially if you don’t see yourself a as ‘business’ person in the traditional sense – Mark says he is ‘allergic to spreadsheets’ – how refreshing to know you can take your passion and turn it into a successful business – even if you do make a few mistakes along the way.


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