Show Notes

Bucket List guests The Merrymaker Sisters join me on the show today for some breath taking, goosebumps inducing good conversation around real food, clean living, following your bliss, body respect, acceptance, resilience, meditation and breath work!  Find out what the Sisters had for breakfast and what they think about coffee, wine and chocolate!

Emma and Carla Papas:

The real-life sisters are Yoga, Pilates and Meditation teachers. The bliss followers, quit their full time government desk jobs in July 2014 to pursue their passion of bringing health and happiness to the lives of others.

Since then they’ve created the #1 mobile recipe App Get Merry, published the best selling healthy cookbooks Make It Merry and Get Merry, host the #1 GetMerry podcast as well as created MerryBody: an online yoga, pilates and mindset studio.

Every month they reach over 200 000 people through their products and programs, with a mission to live in a world where people finally accept, love and respect their bodies and themselves.

Making the move up to Australia’s sunny Gold Coast from their hometown of Canberra, the real life sisters and business partners love all that nature has to offer, a great cup of coffee, yoga, pilates and good conversation.
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