Show Notes

Dr Andrea Huddleston is a women’s health, natural fertility specialist and integrative chiropractor practising in Perth, Australia. She is the co-host of the award winning podcast Wellness Women Radio and is affectionately referred to as ‘the period whisperer’ by her patients! In addition to her Chiropractic degrees, Dr Andrea holds two post-graduate, Masters degrees in Women’s Health Medicine and Reproductive Medicine. She is also trained in nutritional and functional medicine. Dr Andrea is a global leader in women’s health as well as an educator and sought after presenter and creator of Hormonal Mastery, an online e-course for women to help their hormones

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In this episode we dive deep into:

  • what menopause actually is
  • what is normal and what’s not
  • common symptoms (symptoms aren’t normal!)
  • how to sail through menopause with ease
  • the nest menopausal tips!

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