Show Notes

Cinnamon Morrissey, is the product developer and business owner of EveryMite, the allergy-friendly super spread.

Cinnamon and her husband have three sons. Cinnamon is a professionally trained social worker with no prior business training or experience; working in state government for her working career.

After having her third child William, who has Down Syndrome and numerous food intolerances, Cinnamon discovered she needed allergy-friendly nutrient-dense products for William that he could safely eat.

For example, William loved Vegemite but had to stop eating it as he was intolerant to its ingredients and was causing him ongoing gut issues. Cinnamon discovered that there were no alternatives to Vegemite William could safely eat. So over three years with a passion for cooking and creativity, Cinnamon experimented with creating one. EveryMite is the result of these years of development, and now William has a Vegemite-like spread he loves and thrives on.

When the word spread that this alternative existed, Cinnamon discovered that EveryMite was in demand. As such, she started a business from scratch to manufacture EveryMite and distribute it around Australia so everyone could access EveryMite to make their life easier too.

EveryMite is now available in most health food stores around Australia, with its demand increasing everyday as people with food intolerances learn there is a Vegemite alternative they can safely eat. Cinnamon has even found that people who don’t have food intolerances love EveryMite because it gives them a healthier spread – one that is preservative-free and nutrient-dense.

Cinnamon knows how difficult it is to have a son with serious food intolerances and gut issues.
As such, EveryMite’s purpose is to make life easier for people with a food allergy or intolerance.

EveryMite’s motto is to “Spread on a Smile, everyday” with EveryMite.

EveryMite has three versions now available- The Original, Low Aussie Salt, and Fodmap Friendly- which means that almost anyone can eat EveryMite.

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