Show Notes

On today’s show I am joined by my good friend Tamala who is an Addictions Specialist, empowering women to overcome their self-sabotaging habits-so that they can hold space for themselves and others with a higher level of integrity in order to increase their income, influence and impact.

If you keep coming ‘undone’ on your health journey, or keep self sabotaging yourself, the key to success and freedom is to understand WHY.

Can you conceive that we are more addicted to the come down than to the high?  Sounds crazy right, but it is true and Tam is going to explain why.

I think you will experience some major a ha moments listening to this!

Food and drug addiction are simply physical manifestations of an addiction to stress or to be more exact to fear…
our addictions are simply trying to turn off our stress response – the wind down wine – but they ultimately feed the stress response through the come down – the hangover
Our cells are physiologically addicted to adrenalin and cortisol
What we want to do is to become more addicted to oxytocin – love vs fear,
through our 4 connection strategies – self, others, earth and spirit – there aint no come down from these babies!!
But fear will ultimately rise again to be fed – and this is where mindfulness and EFT are so important as tools to overcome addiction.
We are more addicted to our fearful thoughts than we are to sugar!!

You can get a Free Masterclass from Tam on “The Root Cause of all Addiction and How to Overcome it ” here.

After having been a drug and alcohol counsellor for over 10 years – Tam realised that we have all been focusing on the wrong thing – that we are more addicted to the come-down than to the high! She has developed her own groundbreaking, earth shaking – completely upside down way of working with addiction and is having incredible results.

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