Show Notes

I am so thrilled that the Hope For Health and Primal Alternative planets have aligned thanks to the wonderful work of Pete Evans!

We are collaborating with the amazing Pete to bring you our No Nut Hemp Bread which is a delicious low carb lunch box friendly new addition to our range – you can even make sandwiches with it!  Gasp!

Pete is graciously donating his $1 per loaf royalty to Hope For Health.  Primal Alternative will also pay an extra $1 to Hope For Health for all Online Shop purchases.

Helen Padarin is a naturopath, nutritionist, best selling author and speaker. Helen has been in clinical practice for 18yrs, is an ambassador for the Mindd Foundation and co-authored The Complete Gut Health cookbook with Pete Evans, Bubbayumyum with Charlotte Carr and Pete Evans and authored chapters on paediatrics and ASD in clinical textbooks. Passionate about learning from Indigenous communities, and also wanting to give back, Helen partnered with Kama Trudgen of Hope for Health to create TOGETHER Retreat. TOGETHER Retreat is an immersive cross cultural journey that provides a unique and powerful opportunity to pay it forward while learning and healing on a journey hand in hand with indigenous brothers and sisters.

Kama Trudgen is a Medical Doctor who stepped sideways from clinical practice to be immersed in the world of community development. She spent 8 years living on Elcho Island in North East Arnhem Land in a remote Yolngu community. In the process of overcoming heartbreaking fertility issues, Kama discovered the power of nutrition. She now has two beautiful sons! Sharing her families healing foods with a sick Yolngu friend started a chain reaction in the Yolngu community that birthed the Hope for Health program. The program uses experiential education and the framework of the Yolngu traditional diet, to help empower Yolngu people to reclaim their vitality. Kama is passionate about the power and relevance of the wisdom held in traditional cultures, and in bridging the gap between the Yolngu world and the dominant culture.

In this episode we find out:

– What and who is Hope for Health
– What and who is TOGETHER Retreat
– Realities for remote indigenous communities and their health
– current health crisis of lifestyle diseases
– assumed knowledge (how it can be difficult for non-indigenous / dominant culture to understand that indigenous communities may not realise that sugar / coke etc is bad for your health.
– the value of traditional diets
– the value of traditional knowledge
– the importance of healing the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous cultures and communities

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