Show Notes

Today I am joined by Nutritionist Rachel Favilla, author of Periods Poo & Glorious you to discuss an alternative way to approach health and wellness!

If you are over the dogma, the black and whiteness and the downright bullshit of regimes and diets and are ready for a fresh approach that involves FUN & HUMOUR then check out this episode!

Rach says: Howdy Sweet Spuds! I’m Rachie; Nutritionist, Hatha Yoga Teacher, and Author of the playful, cheeky and eclectic ‘health and lifestyle’ (for lack of a better, less-cliched term for such a genre) book; Periods, Poo and A Glorious You. My mission is to demonstrate – through being my daggy, down-to-earth self – that ‘wellness’ (man, is THAT word overused nowadays) needn’t be stereotypical or obligatory. Optimising happiness by nourishing all corners of your life is fun, as is preventing disease by having enough self respect to care for your mind-blowingly loyal body. I’m a food nerd and yoga-addict who proves by example that nurturing one’s self is wildly entertaining and ridiculously gratifying.

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