Show Notes

Krissy Ballinger shares some actionable tips for those on a mission to live a natural life free from avoidable toxins.  DIY has never been so simple and achievable – even I am going to make the washing powder!

Krissy says:

The Inspired Little Pot was born from my desire to understand and reduce the toxins I was exposing my children to. When I started this journey, it happened quite quickly. Once I learned information about a particular chemical or the contents of a mainstream product, I couldn’t unlearn it.

This led to a whirlwind of research, recipe-experimentation, testing, tweaking and refinement. It didn’t take me long to realise that I was able to achieve almost the same results with recipes made from natural ingredients as I was from the mainstream products I used to buy. Yes, I was putting in a little more effort than when I was visiting the supermarket beauty and cleaning aisles, but I was (and still am) okay with that. It is so worth it. Plus, I now know we simply need less, and we save so much money.

The Inspired Little Pot is more than a business or a brand. It’s about awareness, education, and empowerment, it’s about simplicity, a natural existence and thriving health. We want to spread this message far and wide: let’s be conscious consumers and advocate for our health, and for the health of future generations from whom we borrow this planet; let’s not wait for someone else to create change, let’s stand up and do it for ourselves.

You can fine Krissy’s website here: and follow her on social media as The Inspired Little Pot.

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