Show Notes

Clean living is amazing right?  You can transform how you look and feel JUST by changing what is on the end of your folk!

But….it’s so bloody time consuming!  All of that shopping, planning, prepping, chopping, cooking…with no guarantee that the kids will even eat it!

That means that maintaining this kind of lifestyle can be just way too stressful and overwhelming for many.

There are working Mums running in the door at 7pm, starting to make dinner from scratch.  There are women struggling with health conditions trying to muster the energy to cook for the family…yet again!

Bek Daley has spent her life helping others.  She is a Mum from Brisbane QLD and founder of I H8 Cooking!

Bek has a national network of home cooks who come to your home and cook, like a cleaner comes and cleans.

I have been following Bek out of professional interest – after all she has created a vaguely similar model to my Primalista Baking Licence.  This is a model where women who love cooking with their Thermomix, can earn an income by helping others.

When I saw she had a cook in Albany, where I live – I had to give it a whirl!  All I can say is. – life changing!  I didn’t realise how much I needed an extra hand.  Having an I H8 Cooking Cook come to my house once a fortnight has given me space to breath and heal and my freezer is full of amazing primal aligned meals ready to go.

This isn’t an advertisement for I H8 Cooking at all – this isn’t sponsored.  This is just a company I love and I wanted to interview founder Bek to see how she started her biz and how it works to share with you.

I hope that this will inspire you to get started on that dream of yours, or will help you get some assistance with the daily household chores.

You can find out more about I H8 Cooking here.

On their website you can check out their menus, there are lots of primal and low carb options and you can specify if you have special dietary requirements.

You can even find out more about joining the I H8 Cooking team!

To find out about Primal Alternative and to browse our range and learn more about becoming a Primalista head here:

You can also follow them on Facebook and follow your local I H8 Cooking Cook!