Show Notes

Megan Ellam is totally incredible!  She has completely transformed her life and made a stunningly successful business out of helping others do the same – deprivation free!  I seriously do not know how she does it – she can ‘keto-ify’ absolutely anything!  Going Keto in Megan’s Mad Creations world means losing 30 kilos and a whole bunch of debilitating health conditions whilst eating donuts, burgers, chocolate and wine!  Sounds very doable doesn’t it?

I loved my chat with Megan, we are sisters with very aligned values.  She was so generous with her time, after the interview we chatted for over an hour about food business!  Amazing woman!  I am so grateful to Megan, as I know all of her devoted fans are too.  You will love this episode!

From the moment Megan could reach the kitchen bench she has been creating amazing recipes and meals for her family, friends, and professionally.

After a short 13 year career in various award winning restaurants and cafes in Newcastle, Megan left to pursue a career in business development and sales, before returning to recipe development for her first blog Clean and Dirty Food.

In 2017 Megan was diagnosed with insulin resistance after struggling with her weight and health for more than 15 years.

Discovering the ketogenic diet Megan went on to lose more than 30 kilograms, self publish 4 cookbooks and many digital recipe eBooks and start 365, an online keto lifestyle and meal plan program.

Mad Creations website and company has kept Megan crazy busy and afforded her to now work full-time doing what she loves and helping others transition into the keto lifestyle and regain control of their health.

You can find Megan on the website as well as all social media

Check out a YouTube Video of this interview here.

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