Show Notes

Oh holy jeepers I am jumping for joy today as I got to speak to the fresh, real and totally inspiring Karen Martel all the way from yesterday in Canada!  The fantabulous Elle Russ introduced me to Karen when she interviewed her for the Primal Blueprint Podcast and that is where I first heard Karen talk about weight loss resistance!

This is going to be sweet relief to your ears heart and mind if you, like me, feel like you are doing everything ‘right’, you know – eating a paleo/primal diet, moving your body, getting good sleep and feeling like you have a handle on stress!

Basically if you are eating primal and not losing weight – something else is going on!

Tune in to find out what that something is and what you can do about it!

Karen is amazing and I totally recommend having a session with her or joining her On Track Membership program.  Get all the info at

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