Show Notes

Menses.  Me monthlies. The curse.  Being ‘on’!  All of those negative connotations will be obliterated in today’s episode – in fact, I thought I was quite down with it and rad when it comes to menstruation but seems I am not – which was a nice aha for me!

If you are a women you need to listen to this episode!

Amanda Howe is a Naturopath, Author, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Mother to two girls and wife.

My goal is for every woman worldwide, to have a perfect period through correction of hormonal imbalances. Hormonal balance needs to occur within your reproductive system, your thyroid hormones and within the stress response in the body for you to be optimally healthy.

Amanda incorporates the use of herbal medicine, nutritional therapies, food as medicine and lifestyle counselling to get optimum results for each of her patients.

In this episode we will discuss what is normal and what is not when it comes to periods we go into flow and clots.  We talk about why stress is a big factor in our periods, and why inflammation can cause so many issues.

Amanda is full of practical actionable tips for you to incorporate into your daily life and *spoiler alert* if you are following a Primal lifestyle you are doing your very best to optimise your hormone health – so pat on the back and lap of the house for you sister!!

Thanks to Nessie Weir and Naomi Bryant for readers questions around flow and keto diet and periods.  Amanda’s answer may provide a missing piece in the jigsaw for many ultra low carb listeners.

You can find Amanda’s website here.  Her company is called As Natured Intended and you can find her on Instagram and Facebook too – be sure to add the .au.

Amanda’s books, Know Your Flow & The Nourished Family are available to buy on her website and Know Your Flow is available as an ebook too.  Awesome.

Working at the Illawarra Women’s Health Centre, Amanda deals daily with women’s health complaints including: hormonal imbalance, heavy & painful menstruation, PMS, irregular cycles, endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, infertility, recurring miscarriage, menopause and more. In todays world she regularly sees people with digestive disturbances, lowered immunity, respiratory complaints and thyroid and endocrine disturbances.

Fancy working with Amanda?  Get in touch and book a time.

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