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OMGosh everyone has been mentioning THIS woman’s name to me!  Kirsty Wirth this Kultured Wellness that – so I knew I just had to get her on the show.  Kirsty shares her own deeply moving and personal story of healing her own health and that of her Autistic son’s and then how she went on to create a stunningly fantastic business supporting others to do the same.  That is why the whole of Australia is talking about Kirsty Wirth!

But how does she do it?  How does she be a Mum, run and business and not burn out?  She reveals all in this episode along with some brilliant inspiration and tips for you!

Watch this podcast as a video and see the gorgeous Kirsty for yourself.

Kirsty Wirth is a Teacher, Integrative Health Coach and mother of two children, one of which is on the Autism Spectrum. Kirsty has studied a PHD at Monash University, held lecturer and teaching positions at University of South Australia and Monash University and is a passionate outdoor enthusiast.

Her area of interest is in gut health of children on the Autism Spectrum and more specifically, how the correct lifestyle, diet and supplements can positively impact their gut health, immune system, behavior and neurological function.

Drawing on seven years of research in biomedical intervention techniques and applying what she’s learnt in the treatment of her own son, Kirsty now educates others on how to investigate the root cause behind their underlying health conditions and how vital diet, environmental and lifestyle changes can be.

Kirsty is also the founder of Kultured Wellness a company dedicated to providing education, knowledge and products for optimum health and specifically gut health. She is truly passionate about ensuring our next generation reaches their full potential.”

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