Show Notes

On the show today I am joined by Paleo snack food entrepreneur Jenny Richards of Rumbles Paleo.

Jen says “I’m also a children’s book author, EFT practitioner ( and creator of our healthy cooking school, The Rumbles Lifestyle Hub ( My mission is to make healthy living and eating as fun and exciting as an episode of The Muppets and more deee-licious than you could ever imagine!”

Jen talks us through her journey from eating disorders, guilt & depression to discovering Paleo and eating to be strong, energetic and live a purposeful life.

Jen shares some of her daily non negotiable habits for keeping her high vibing and shares why problems are all part of the daily journey and how cultivating a solution mindset has helped her.

Jen has grown her business Rumbles Paleo, with business partner Brian Nasr, from Cookies for a gym fundraiser to a well known national brand.  Rumbles Paleo make cookies for Pete Evans!

Find out how Jen took her idea to a national success in this episode and pick up tips of how to become your beautiful authentic self too.

To download Jen’s freebie head to

Rumbles Paleo Website, Instagram & Facebook.
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