Show Notes

Lucy Lichtenstein is a Sydney-based wellness writer, yoga teacher, women’s circle facilitator and podcast host of the Podcast.

Lucy is also a philosophy geek, writer of conscious poetry, foodie, nature lover, adventurer, ecstatic dancer and mover.

One of the turning points in Lucy’s journey was in 2010 when she was volunteering in communities in Denmark and Malawi and noticed the poor nutrition in both areas she was living. She noticed how much this really affected her, and it was in this realisation that something deep within was sparked that changed the game completely. This sent Lucy down the path of nutrition and health, continuously looking at what humans require to be healthy by living as closely to our natural design as possible in a modern context, according to nature’s way.

I love how Lucy talks about why we should ‘go backwards’ to find our true nature and how nature is not outside us but rather: we are nature.

Lucy talks us through what she ate for lunch and how going grain free CURED HER ASTHMA!

Lucy shares some of her non negotiable lifestyle tricks that keep her centered, grounded and present.

She explains how “connection is hard wired in us” and why holding space with other women in circle creates a safe space, without judgement, where no advice is given can be a beautiful human experience.

You are going to love Lucy’s relaxed voice and calmness!  Enjoy this episode to further explore how health is SO MUCH MORE than just the food we put in out mouths.

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