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Natural Health Practitioner and Medical Intuitive – Karen Creighton.

“I need chicken” was what Karen said to her husband when her “holistic” health focus didn’t align with her innate wisdom and physiological needs. Over twenty years of training, conditioning, practicing and teaching sat behind this challenging decision to move away from her plant based choices.

For a lot of us, when our beliefs and conditionings form our identity and our whole life is built around this, it becomes very challenging to question and step into the unknown. Change most times only occurs when maintaining the status quo is more painful than the perceived pain of letting go of these embodied patterns. Karen is a gorgeous example of embracing curiosity, challenging beliefs and passionately sharing the fruits of her courage with the world around her. It was such an honour to connect in with Karen and share a beautiful nutritious conversation.

Topics discussed include Karen’s health practitioner journey in London, move to and setting up Vital Health business in NZ, embracing of always being willing to learn, detox, weight loss, chronic fatigue, menopause, quantum realm just to name a few. She is an incredible Sol who has such wisdom to share. I’d encourage anyone wanting to claim their health power back to connect in with Karen.

Further contact with Karen can be made through her website:

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