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EPISODE 005 SHOWNOTES (with Aya Mass Forstner)

VBAC Birth and inspiration for becoming a Doula.

In this Episode 5 of Mum’s The Word we have Aya Mass-Forstner sharing her very real and raw birth experiences. The birth of her first child, albeit every effort to have it be otherwise, ended in a cesarean section. She felt helpless connected to all the iv’s and not being able to take care of her own newborn in her daughter’s first few days of life.


Following this experience she educated herself tirelessly and researched all that she could and her second birth was a VBAC birth.


Listen in and you’ll resonate with her authenticity and you’ll be truly inspired by her story.  Although this is (released as) episode #5 this was my first podcast interview ever!! and I was so so happy and uplifted after speaking to Aya, her excitement and passion were totally infectious.



Aya is a loving mom of two girls that came into this world via two very different births. These birthing experiences have paved her way to become the enthusiastic Doula she is today. As a Doula in The Netherlands she provides birth support for women from different countries, holding various birthing ideas and preferences. Her passion is for them to make conscious birth decisions, to be aware of their strength and to believe in their body! Her experience taught her that an empowering birth can have a positive ripple effect on our journey as mothers. As women.


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Placenta Previa


Book – Active Birth – Janet Balaskas


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1 “if you don’t know your options, you don’t have any”

2 “she needs to feels that she was empowered, that she was in control, that she made the decisions and nothing was done to her and that’s the biggest contribution of a doula”

3 “I underestimated the effects of an empowering and a positive birth experience on a woman”

4 “she believed she could, so she did”