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So great to have Natalie on the show discussing this vital topi and sharing all about The Baby Sensory Program. We touch on so many aspects in this interview, those that affect new babies and their new parents and why these parents need to put attention to developing their child’s  awareness and experience with the world around them. Pure and simple getting back to basics, no gimmicks.

Such a great episode!


Kaz xx

Natalie Van Gelder Bio:

As a mother of three young kids, Natalie decided to quit her job as Head of Research and Development at IMC Weekendschool. As a pedagoog (child developmentalist), she wanted to spend more time with her kids. But she also wanted to follow her ambition and start her own business. Natalie was looking for a way to combine her passion for children and parenting and her drive to run her own business, in her own time so she could be there with her kids. Then she discovered Baby Sensory and fell in love on the spot. What an amazing program. It is positive, preventive (not problem driven), and is a great inspiration for parents. At the course, parents learn all about children’s developmental phases and how parents can stimulate their development through play, communication, games, and music. And most of all it is just a lot of fun.

Natalie’s Quote:
“Live in The Moment”

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