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An episode for all busy parents this week. You will love this mama’s jouney from corporate career to burnout to self taught chef to Dutch Masterchef finalist to cookbook creator.

Such a great one. Get listening. I can’t wait for the book and yes I have already pre-ordered.

X Kaz

Bojana’s Bio

Bojana is Serbian, living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She is a wife and a mom of two boys. Bojana has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from INSEAD. During her corporate career, she held positions as a strategy consultant; investment banking associate; strategy and finance manager at eBay. Bojana is a self-taught chef and following her passion for cooking, she reached the finals week of the Dutch version of the popular TV cooking show Masterchef. She has since run her own culinary business Bojana Flavors ( and is currently writing a cookbook. Her favourite cookies are still macarons.

Daily Dinners for Busy Parents: 

Pick, Prep and Plate Your Way To Delicious Family Dinners

For busy working parents, getting dinner on the table is a daily struggle. Stressed and pressed for time, they resort to the same tired recipes and processed foods to do the job.

Mom and Chef Bojana Snijders-Nikodijevic brings a method to the weeknight madness, making it easy to cook healthy, delicious family dinners in 10 minutes—or less.

Having been a working mom in a high-pressure corporate career, I know the challenges busy parents face. And as a professional chef, I have learnt invaluable planning and preparation skills that I have translated into a method suitable for home kitchens.

Bringing the efficiency of the professional kitchen into the home, her easy-to-follow approach teaches readers how to:

  • Remove daily stress: plan, organize and prep the basics in advance, without sacrificing nutrition or quality
  • Shorten daily rush time: finish healthy and delicious dinners in 10 minutes or less
  • Provide flexibility: last minute mix and match approach to feed even the pickiest eaters without cooking two meals

Bojana’s zero-recipe method is a spark of genius that fills family dinners with variety and healthy goodness. She equips busy parents with the skills and strategies they need to provide the healthy, delicious food their family deserves—and to do it brilliantly every day.

Bojana’s Quote:
“I never anticipated how much becoming a mum would change me”

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