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Sophie’s Bio
Sophie Acott is the Founder of Happy Baby Sleep; a Holistic Sleep Consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. Sophie is a mother of three children, a homebirth enthusiast, and a conscious parenting advocate. Sophie ignited her passion for sleep work when her second child hit the infamous “four month sleep regression”. Having experienced first-hand the toll that lack of sleep can have on health, emotional well-being, relationships, and the entire family unit, Sophie is committed to supporting other families overcome their sleep difficulties, and restoring the overall joy into parenting.

Sophie is a qualified Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant, and Happiest Baby Educator. She adopts a Hand in Hand Parenting approach personally and professionally; living and breathing this philosophy with her own children, and empowering other parents to success through a deeper understanding of the synonymous relationship between the parent-child connection, and sleep and behavioural challenges.

Sophie holds an Advanced Diploma in Public Relations, and has worked in Marketing, Events and Account Management for close to a decade. She has written for various publications including Nurture Magazine, is the blog contributor for the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, and shares her wealth of sleep experience and knowledge in her blog on Happy Baby Sleep. You can also follow Sophie’s personal journey as a mum of three via her Confessions of a Sleep Consultant; The Jett Diaries blog, where she shares her refreshingly honest and humble experience of all things parenting, motherhood, and sleep since welcoming her third child.

Sophie has recently launched her comprehensive e-book; The Happy Baby Sleep Guide, through which she aims to continue to inspire and help families all over the world on their path to better sleep.

Sophie’s Quote
“Nothing’s a problem unless it’s a problem”

Sophie’s Life changing books:

  1. Dayna Martin: Sexy Birth – The catalyst for my homebirth and natural parenting journey
  2. The Aware Baby – by Aware Parenting Pioneer, Aletha Solter – really changed my whole approach to sleep consulting – leading me to a more holistic, emotional well-being model rather than a behavioural approach (e.g. “sleep training” such as controlled crying) to changing sleep patterns/addressing sleep difficulties. This has really started me on my life path of helping parents create change using the fundamentals of conscious parenting, with a core focus on the essential role of crying in stress relief and healing trauma.

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