Show Notes

You will love this interview from a “parenting expert”.

It was eye opening, touching, inspiring , informative and engaging.

Thank-you Kirstin!!

Kirstin’s  Bio

Kirstin Bouse is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist with 20-years’ experience in her profession. She is the owner of Life Resolutions Psychology Practices in Morley and Wembley in WA and the creator of The Conscious Mother. Kirstin’s areas of interest include perinatal mental health, parenting, trauma, family breakdown and relationships. Kirstin has authored The Conscious Mother: A simple guide to mothering with self-awareness, authenticity, confidence and connectedness. Her program #motherhoodonline will be launched in September 2016 and she is already preparing her first mothers retreat. Both programs will help mothers prepare for, and navigate the journey of motherhood with self-awareness and confidence. Kirstin is a mother of 4 children.

Kirstin’s Links

Book : Hughes, Daniel, Baylin, Jonathan, Siegel, Daniel J Brain Based Parenting

Book : Jacinta Tynan Mother Zen

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Twitter: @Ask_TCM

Instagram: The Conscious Mother

Skype: Kirstin Bouse