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(with Jacey Pryma)




It’s a question I get asked all the time. Why would a baby need to be checked by a chiropractor? And in this episode we discuss this and so much more on the topic of kids and chiropractic.



And although we are discussing in depth the work that I do, I am playing the curious mum in this episode and I ask Jacey all the questions that you also probably have.



So a very important message dear to my heart this week and I am thrilled to share this message with you and have Jacey my colleague in Chiropractic as a guest on the show.



ENJOY this week’s episode and once again, thanks for listening!!


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As a chiropractic entrepreneur Jacey Pryma is on a mission to see as many kids as possible live a full and vibrant life with chiropractic care central to that transformation. She is a program developer, software developer, teaching seminars around Australia and New Zealand and works with chiropractors around the globe through her program called Well Kids.

Dr. Jacey is a massive fan of Disney and prides herself on making every visit to her office a magical experience for kids and parents alike, sprinkling a little pixie dust over everything she does. Today we will learn a little about her, what she’s up to and the amazing advice she has for new mums with brand new little bubbas.



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Book: Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani Well Adjusted Babies

Website : Well Adjusted

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Podcast ; The Wellness Guys


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“to live would be an awfully big adventure”




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