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We often forget that our parenting skills are constantly a work in progress. Our own cultures  or our childhood experiences and those of our partner all have an impact on how we will raise our children. Whilst there is no one way for everyone, there are certainly some methods that honour the child and the child’s needs more than others. This was a fabulous episode where Chris and I discus the aware parent, based on principles from Aletha Solter’s famous book “the aware baby”.  She certainly has the wisdom and experience to help many parents and offers so much sounds advice on the interview.


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Chris Muller Bio:

Chris Muller, MSc, is a passionate Psychologist and Aware Parenting instructor in The Netherlands.  From a young age Chris was interested in the dynamics between parents and children. So what started as a hobby, later became her studies and finally her job. She has helped hundreds of parents gain a deeper understanding of their children through her workshops, course, articles and through 1-on-1 support.

Its her passion to help parents and other caretakers experience more joy and connection with their children and with themselves. Therefore she offers alternatives for time-outs, rewards or sleep training.

Instead she offers a deeper understanding of why our children and babies behave a certain way and offers tools on how we can truly connect with them, so we are able to lighten our parenting struggles.

The methods she uses are practical and light, as well as profound. She helps parents change their struggles into joy, by teaching communication tools and playfulness, but also at times by a transformation in ourselves.

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Book : Aletha Solter  “The Aware Baby”

Book : Alice Miller  “The Drama of the Gifted Child”

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