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Yes its true – I have truly been looking forward to sharing this episode more than any other. As a 2x Waterbirther myself and knowing that I would only ever choose to birth in water given the chance again, this topic is dear to my heart. Not that I want all women to birth in water but I certainly want them to have the option available to them shall they want to.

Barbara is the warrior of Waterbirth, she spends her time traveling the globe, educating, lecturing and spreading the message of Waterbirth and all its benefits.

Enjoy the amazing episode and please Share!

x Kaz

Barbara Harper Bio

Barbara Harper is an internationally recognized expert on waterbirth and Gentle Birth. Dedicating her life to changing the way we welcome babies into the world. Over the past four decades, Barbara has worked as an OB and pediatric nurse, home birth midwife, midwifery instructor, doula and doula trainer, and childbirth instructor. She has used her vast experience to develop many unique seminars which she teaches within hospitals, midwifery and medical schools and community groups worldwide

She founded Waterbirth International in 1988, to ensure that waterbirth is an “available option” for all women.

She has authored many journal articles and the highly acclaimed book and DVD, Gentle Birth Choices. Her next book ‘Birth, Bath & Beyond: A Practical Waterbirth Guide for Parents and Providers, will be ready for publication, soon. She lives in Boca Raton, Florida, where she is active in her community as a volunteer and as a midwifery and doula mentor and teacher. website is

Barbara’s Quotes

“Water birth is easier for Mums and better for babies”

And Barabara “loves getting Mums’ into hot water!”

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Book Diane Garland – Revisiting Waterbirth – An Attitude to Care

Report – Dr. Sarah Buckley : Hormones Physiology Of Childbearing

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