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This podcast is intended to make others not feel alone and to help them know where they can get help. Please make sure it is shared and fulfils its purpose!!

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Yuz Rozenblum Bio :

I live in Melbourne Australia & am in my late 30’s. I have a degree in Marketing & spent over ten years in the advertising industry at various agencies working in account management & now contract as a social media manager. I’ve been married for nine years to a wonderful man (& father) who’s a game developer & a mother to mother to two children, Orli aged eight (in a few weeks) & Flynn who’s five.
Both of our Orli was born, I suffered with severe PND/PPD that saw me being admitted to a parent infant psych facility (nuthouse) when she was eight weeks old & we stayed there for three weeks. Orli & I spent the first year of her life in therapy & at weekly attendances at the nuthouse.

My husband & I decided to have another baby when Orli was about 20 months & I ended up having a medically complicated pregnancy where our baby had an 20% chance of survival. I had a bi-partite placenta, placenta previa & vasa previa & gave birth who presented back at hospital being ‘failure to thrive’. We were readmitted to hospital & we remained there for nine weeks where he was diagnosed with Laryngomalacia (floppy airway at the level of the Larynx) & reflux which he’s still being treated for over five years later.

Motherhood & parenthood has not only challenged me but also rewarded me with some wonderful friends & a non-judgmental & understanding ‘village’.

I hope my story helps mothers out there know that PND is not forever; help is out there & you will get through this.

Yuz’s Quotes:

It’s ok to not be ok

this is not forever

Yuz’s Resources & references as mentioned in the interview:

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Website : Post Partum Progress

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All of these pages & groups have extensive resources, links, documents & the most incredible support.

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