Show Notes

Such an interesting discussion was had on this episode. Nicole shared all about the work of Elena Tonetti, famous filmmaker, and also her transformational work in the world of Limbic Imprint Recoding. Such an interesting conversation and I look forward to your feedback.



Nicole Bio 

Nicole is a seeker, storyteller, empath, artist, oxytocin enthusiast, birth passionista & provocateur.  She lives in a world of sustainable, curious co-creation and most enjoys sharing unique transformative experiences, in a field of safety & connection.  Nicole brings many arts to her work with groups & individuals via Birth into Being – spiritual preparation for conception, birth, and conscious evolution.



Nicole’s Resources

Movie : Elena Tonetti : Birth as We Know It

Book : Sarah Buckley – Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering

Book : Kathleen D. Singh The Grace in Dying



Nicole’s links


Also, don’t miss this transformative process workshop coming to Melb, late May.

” Address core beliefs acquired at birth and in early life.  Generate trust in Birth. ”