Show Notes

This week I’m talking all things fatigue, and how to reduce it without relying on pills and potions, and stimulants such as energy drinks.

To do this, I discuss how to optimise our circadian rhythms or natural sleep/wake cycle using circadian medicine strategies because the single most common cause of fatigue for shift workers, is a disrupted circadian rhythm or “body clock”.

By implementing circadian medicine strategies such as working with specific circadian “cues” or disruptors, otherwise known as Zeitgebers, that can either send messages to our brain to be in ENERGY MODE, or alternatively make us feel tired and go into SLEEP MODE, it helps the body to transition from night to day (and vice versa) as quickly as possible as a result of shift rotations.

Studies mentioned on the podcast:

Bright light for weight loss:  Results of a controlled cross-over trial

Stair walking is more energizing than low dose caffeine in sleep-deprived young women

Snacks better than large meal during night shift