Laura Pettigrew

I’m Laura Pettigrew, a 21-year-old journalism student at the University of the Sunshine Coast. I began a dual degree of business and journalism in 2017. However, after a year of business I decided it wasn’t for me and dropped the business aspect of my degree. I’m very inquisitive and have a love for meeting new people which is why I think journalism is the perfect career for me. I currently work at Hot 91 as a team member in their promotional Hot Squad crew which in my opinion is one of the best jobs. I’m lucky enough to attend some really cool events and work with an amazing team. I grew up in the Sunshine Coast hinterland before moving to Maroochydore to be closer to sporting commitments. I was heavily involved in Surf Life Saving from a young age and I was lucky enough to travel around the world competing in a sport that I loved. These experiences not only gave me the opportunity to succeed in sport but also taught me many valuable life lessons that I use every day.

I’m extremely excited to be involved in the podcast with Spirit Hive and the Sunshine Coast Council. I believe it’s the perfect opportunity to not only learn new skills but to help young Sunshine Coast people through my own life experiences. I’m also very excited to work with such a great group of people who have had different experiences and who I can learn from.

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