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HBH 7: Social Behaviour & The Incredible 5-Point Scale with Kari Dunn Buron

Episode 7
23, Apr, 2018
}64 Minutes

Show Notes

This week I have the absolute privilege of chatting with Kari Dunn Buron, the inventor of the Incredible 5-Point Scale! Parents of children with autism and teachers around the globe are using this practical scale to teach self-regulation skills and reduce challenging behaviours. Kari explains how this incredible scale can be used for children on the spectrum – with or without language, as well as adults. Listen in to hear how you can implement this simple tool in your everyday life to reduce stress and improve quality of life for your child and your family.

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Rhiannon is an occupational therapist, personal trainer, GAPS practitioner and passionate autism advocate. She thinks outside the ‘diagnostic box’ and sees every child as an individual with unlimited potential.

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